L'Art du Chi is dedicated to the study of traditional eastern disciplines in a way which is relevant to modern day living.

It offers tuition in Aikido, Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong taught by professional instructors.

Students can go on studying from beginners level to teacher training; regular workshops and private tuition are also offered to support students progression.

The winter term will run for 11 weeks starting on the 15/01/2001 ending on the 30/03/2001

Beginners are invited to a free "come and try" before signing up for the term.

17/18th March 2001
Toshiro Suga 6th Dan Aikikai (F)
Tai Ji Quan & Qi Gong
10/11th March 2001
L. Haquin & Dr. Davis
Introduction to Tai Ji & Qi Gong
18th March 2001
(half day)